----- Commodore Buisness Machines DEVICES -----

Here is the newest edition of the Canonical List of Commodore Products. It contains informations on every piece of Commodore equipment I have heard of to date. Please help me weed out all the inconsistencies and mail down all the information.

AMiGA Serie
CBM B Serie
CBM 64 Serie
CBM 128 Serie
CBM 264 Serie (Plus/4, C16)
CBM 3000, 4000, 8000
CPU Upgrade Serie (AMIGA)
Diskette Software Serie
Miscellaneous Series
Modem Series
Monitor Series
Mouse Series
Network Series
Other Series
PC Series
PET 2000 Serie
Printer Serie
RAM Expander
VIC 20 Series
Video Game Series

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PET models were also named with CBM prefixes. i.e PET 4016 = CBM 4016.

Difference in naming early PETs exist. A PET 2001-8N could also be
referred to as a PET 2001N-8K or PET 2001N-8. All are the same machine.

Since the decision to boot in lowercase or uppercase mode was based on
type of ROM, any machine can boot in either.

If you know of a model that is listed above that had differing properties,
please tell me. Examples are a bigger monitor than what I have listed,
Different closing mechanism on Drive, etc.

This list comprises all machines that have been put out in some market.
For this reason, the 364, C65, and others are include in the prototype series.

Before emailing me with updates to an item, please make sure the item number
is not alrady in the list. Sometimes I have people tell me that X is a
disk drive, when X is in the list already as something else. I can't tell
which one is right, so if you find contradictory info, please acknowledge
that your info does not match mine and what your opinion is regarding which
info is correct.

Any item that has letters after it in the far right column not only exists,
but is owned by someone. Now, a typo is always possible, but please keep
that in mind when telling me an item was never made, since Commodore
sometimes never marketed an item in some countries.

I put in any item that I think _might_ have made it to market, so everyone
needs to continually check up on me.

There list is in two parts: Marketed and Not-Marketed, since some models
were produced but never sold at the time of production (C65 is one of them),
and some models never got past the "pipe-dream" stage.

This list was created by Jim Brain and modified by Harald Sefzig.