Calculator Series:
202 electric, 1 digit display with slider indiciator,
  black case, white keypad, black,white,red keys SN B-63768
208 mechanical tape calc with red/black ribbon.
  Blue LEDs, basic math, cream color, blue/red buttons.
  Scientific calc, made in England, 44 extra keys
401 paper readout, darkgreen/bluegreen
770D ???
774D Red LED, 9 digit, white keys.  Red clear and blue op keys.
776M ???
796M red LED, 8 digit, black plastic, 19 keys
797D Red LED, basic math+memory and percentage, cream/blk keys
797M red LED, 8 digit, cream plastic, 23 keys.
886D 8 dig red LED, white case, keys white, blue and 1 red
886D lt brown w/dark brown base, keys white, blue and red
887D 8 dig Red LED, white, black trim, white, red, blue keys.
897D 10 digit Red LED, basic math, percent, one memory.
AL-1000 14 nixie tube readout
C108 green LED, basic math, black, colored buttons
CIL 40 LCD, 8 digit, "electronic switching", cream / brown metal case, CMOS slimline, 23 keys, 198?
CQ-SWAT yellow LCD dual display, 8 digit, world time, silver metal case, CMOS slimline, 30 keys.
GL-976M green LED, 7 digit, white / black plastic case, 19 lrg keys.
GL-976MR ???
GL-979R blk-cream case,Colored buttons,green LED,basic calc+mem+x^2
GL-987R 8 dig grn LED, blk w/silver trim, wht,red,blu keys basic
GL-996R rechargeable, green LED, 8 digit, b&w plastic case, 23 key similar to GL models, early LCD.
GL-997R blk-cream case,colored buttons,green LED,basic calcs+memory
LC5K1 yellow LCD, 8 digit, gold/brown metal case, 24 keys, CMOS slimline.
LC925 yellow LCD, 8 digit, brown/cream plastic case, 25 keys,
LC5K2 ???
MM3M Cream, Colored buttons, Red LED readout, basic math, 1 mem.
MM3M (Conv) MM3M with Volume, Area, Metric Conversions
MM3R MM3M without memory.  SN#066387
MM6 blk-silver case,basic calcs,red LED,switchable dec point, 9V battery
MM6X MM6 with enter key
N60 14 dig grn LED, silver nums, blue func, lt-blu mem, navigat
N80 10 dig LED, white nums, blue func, lt-blu mem, navigational
P50 Program. red LED, 13 digit, brown/gold plastic, 49 keys
S61 Statist. green LED, 14 digit, black plastic case, 60 keys.
SR-1400 "Electronic Slide Rule Calculator" may 5, 1975
SR-1800 Black, Colored buttons, Green LED readout, Trig.
SR-36 Scient. red LED, 13 digit, black plastic, 37 keys
SR4912 Scient. red LED, 13 digit, black plastic, 49 keys
SR-9190R Black, 10 Red LED, 49 keys, white num keys, SN#26612.
SR-4120R SR-4148R
SR-4148R blk case,colored buttons(48),10 red LED, basic calc+memory+trig+x^y+statistics
SR-100NC black case,49 colored buttons (most of them twice used), scientific calcs (was originally sold as QUELLE Privileg but is from Commodore)
US*3 8 dig + sign, larger light brown case, blk num keys, basic
US*8 Desk model, 8 amber LED & overflow,black,keys wht,blu,red