VIC-20 Series: 22*23 screen, 5kB RAM,  Basic 2.0, one piece.
Could be hooked to TV with RF modulator. Cream (C), or Off-White (O) case. Flat top keys with Square type font on keycaps (S), Indent top keys with somewhat square font and thin letters for RESTORE/CLR/HOME/INST... (I), or Indent top keys with rounded type font (R). 2 Prong PS adaptor (2) or DIN PS adaptor (D). Black/Silver Decals (B), or Brown/Color Decals (H). 5 pin video connector (5), or 8 pin video connector (8) "2" implies VIC-20 motherboard.  "D" implies VIC-20CR motherboard.
VIC-20 1 SOB2
VIC-20 3 ROB2
VIC-20 4 RCHD8
VIC-20 6 VIC with 2001K Keyboard.
VIC-20 7 RCBD5
VIC-20 8 CS2B5
VIC-20 9 CI2B5
VIC-20 10 CIH25
VIC-20 11 ROBD5
VIC-10 Japanese VIC with 2001K keyboard. (Might be MAX Machine)
VIC-1001 VIC-10? Japanese VIC with both chars printed on keys.
VC-20 1 SCHD5 (German) (source says has beige instead of grey? case)
VC-20 2 RCHD5 (German)
VC-20 3 R5OB2 (German) Color VIC logo...
VC-20 4 HD (cheap label) (German)
VC-20 5 HD (better aluminum label) (German)
VC-20 6 2 (UK)