----- Commodore Models Never Produced or Marketed: -----

Commodore TOI Series:
TOI "The Other Intellect"
Commodore PET Series:
CBM 4032-P Portable 4032 Prototype. Had 4032, 4040, and Datasette.
CBM 8033 Color 8032. (Used NEC monitor in regular monitor housing)
PETREGISTER (CBMREGISTER) Cash register PET (based on 8032). 50 units
Commodore VIC Series:
VIC-20TV Vic-20 with built in 2" TV (?)
Commodore 64 Series:
CBM SX-100 Predecessor of the SX-64, had B&W monitor.
CBM DX-64 SX-64 with two drives.
Commodore 264 Series:
CBM 232 C16 in Plus/4 case with 32 kB RAM
CBM 264 Prototype Plus/4
CBM CV364 264 with keypad and speech synthesizer.
CBM 464 C900
Commodore LCD Series:
CBM CLCD Commodore Portable with LCD screen. 1MHz 65C102, BASIC 3.6,
32 kB RAM, 96 kB ROM, 80x16 text display, 480x128 graphics,
RS-232-C, Centronics, and H-P Bar Coder Ports, Plus-4 type
keyboard, no SID, no sprites, ML Monitor in ROM.
CBM C64Laptop Erroneous name for CLCD.
Commodore 128 Series:
CBM C128PC Preannounce name for C128.
CBM C128D/81 Prototype C128D (plastic) with 3.5" drive
CBM 256 128 with 125MB HD, one button mouse, built-in 3.5" drive
Commodore P series:
CBM P128 P-500
CBM P500 B128 case, 2 joystick ports, 40 column video.
C900 Series: Prototype UNIX System, dropped after Amiga acquisition
Zilog Z8000 CPU, Runs Coherent 0.7.3, UNIX 7 clone,
Built-In Floppy, HD, IEEE-488. MFM Disk Controller, 1MB 9600 bps, 500 units made. Came in two versions.
C900/lo LoRes (80*24 Text, Max 6 Serial Lines)
C900/hi HiRes (1024*800 Graphics 2 Serial Lines)
Z 8000/lo C900/lo
Z 8000/hi C900/hi
Amiga Series:
A300 Prototype A600
A300CD A 300 + CD ROM Drive (first name of CD32 unit.)
A3000+ 3000 with 25MHz 68040, AGA, DSP. (<100 made)
CDTV-II CDTV with built in drive
Commodore 64DX Series: had both 64 and 65 mode.  built in 1581 style drive.
Native mode had BASIC 10.0, dual SID, 128kB and 3.54
MHz 6502 derivative CPU with extra addressing modes. Could access >64kB directly. Commodore 64 DX Machine. Resoulutins up to 1280 interlaced. max 8MB memory.
CBM C65 (<200 made) the first ones - without serial number - was delevered only for programers and magazines
Drive Series:
CBM 1010 Pre 2040 prototype?
CBM 1020 Pre 2040 prototype?
CBM 1030 Pre 2040 prototype?
CBM 1541H High density 1541 drive
CBM 1543 1541H
CBM 1541D Double 1541
CBM 1561 720kB single 3.5". for Commodore LCD.
CBM 1563 720kB single 3.5". prototype of 1581, found in C128D/81
CBM 1571 II 1571 with external PS
CBM 1572 two 1571 drives in one case
CBM 1590-D-1 Single 3.5" 1.44MB, DOS 14.13, 1581 case, Serial.
CBM 2041 Single 5.25" 170K, DOS1.2,Off-White,No Rel Files,IEEE-488.
CBM 4040 LP Dual 5.25" 170K, Off-White, Half Height, IEEE-488
CBM 8070 Dual 8", ???
CBM 8250 LP Prototype, no "tower" PCBs on motherboard
CBM D9062 Dual D9065.
CBM D9065 7.5 MB Hard Drive
??? 35MB HD, Serial
??? 3.5" DD FD for CBM Laptop, battery powered
PC Series:
PC-30 PC-20-II with 20MB HD
PC-70 prototype of TW486-25C
PC-80-1 80386DX @ 16MHz, German.
PC-80-2 Pentium Pro machine. (US only)
A2088T A2088 @ 8 MHz. V20.
A2286/6 80286 @ 6MHz BridgeCard.
A2286/10 80286 @ 10MHz BridgeCard.
CPU Upgrade Series:
Amiga 2630 68030 and 68882 @ 33 MHz for A2000  with 4MB RAM
Miscellaneous Series:
Amiga 3091 Internal SCSI Controller for A3000.
It exists, but is not a product.  It is a nickname for the SCSI Controller part of the A3000 Motherboard.