PET 2000 Series: Renamed to CBM 20XX, XX = RAM, when Philips forbid PET use. Most CBM renamed units powered up in lowercase and had a different keyboard config, while the PET machines booted in uppercase. B and N notation alternately put after RAM amount in name (PET 2001B-32 = PET 2001-32B) Black (B) or Blue (N) Trim, 9" (9) or 12" (2) screen, Built-In Cassette with Chiclet Keys (C), Business Style Keyboard with No Graphics on Keys (K), or Home Computer with Number Keys and Graphics on Keys (H), Green/White screen (G) or Black/White screen (W)
PET 2001-4K 4kB, CB
PET 2001-8K 8kB, CN9
PET 2001-8C 8kB, CN9W, SN#0620733, No "WAIT 6502,X"
PET 2001-8C 8kB, CB9G, SN#0629836, No "WAIT 6502,X"
PET 2001-16K 16kB, CN9
PET 2001-32K 32kB, CN9
PET 2001B-8 8kB, K2
PET 2001B-16 16kB, K2
PET 2001B-32 32kB, BK9W, boots in lowercase
PET 2001B-32 32kB, K2
PET 2001N-8 8kB, H2
PET 2001N-16 16kB, H9
PET 2001N-16 16kB, H2
PET 2001N-32 32kB, H, BASIC 4.0,
PET 2001NT Teacher's PET.  Same as 2001N, just rebadged
MDS 6500 Modified 2001N-32 with matching 2040 drive.  500 made.