Miscellaneous Series:
High Speed Graphic Expander for 600/700 Series
Tractor Feed for MPS 803
HiRes Graphics for PET 4000/8000.
MOS Technology EPROM Programmer, Off-White.
Single Sheet Feeder for CBM 8028.
CBM 3040 to CBM 4040 ROM upgrade kit.
252594-01 CDTV remote controller, standard unit.
324402 High Speed Graphics board for CBM 40XX/80XX.
1001027-03 PAL TV Modulator for VIC-20.
201490-01 CHESSmate PCB: 201482 Rev A.  4 LEDs, 4 dig display. 19 key
Amiga 10 Stereo MultiMedia Speakers, Cream.
Amiga 520 RF Modulator Channel 3-4, Audio In, Video Out, RF Out
Amiga 570 CD-ROM for Amiga 500+, CDTV compatible.
Amiga 1300 Amiga Genlock made for Amiga 1000.
Amiga 1310 Amiga Genlock.
Amiga 2031 Amiga PAL Video modulator board for A2000
Amiga 2032 Amiga PAL Video modulator board for A2000
Amiga 2070 150.250 MB Tape Drive, uses 1/4" tape, Grey, SCSI, A2000
Amiga 2090 SCSI and ST506 (MFM)
Amiga 2090A Autoboot A2090
Amiga 2091 SCSI Controller, RAM Expansion.
Amiga 2300 Amiga Genlock for A2000.
Amiga 2301 Semi-professional Genlock (Possibly PAL?)
Amiga 2320 Deinterlacer card.  Converts 15.75KHz display to 31.5KHz.
Amiga 2350 Professional Genlock for A2000.
Amiga 2351 Genlock (PAL?)
Amiga 2410 "University of Lowell" TIGA Card, 8 bit GFX, TI34010.
Amiga 2995 Video Master (Direction rack + Genlock + Video Digitizer)
Amiga 3070 150.250 MB Tape Drive, uses 1/4" tape, Cream, SCSI.
Amiga 3406 Amiga RF Modulator.
Amiga 4091 SCSI-2 Controller for Zorro III Slot.
AMIX O.S. ATT SysVR4 for A2000. Requires A2620.
CBM 1399 MicroSwitches Joystick w/ Auto-Fire.
CBM 4010 Voice Response Unit made by Votrax for PETs.
CBM 4270 I/O Controller for CBM PET series.
CBM 8072 Graphics Tablet, IEEE-488.
CBM 64850 Magic Voice Module for Commodore 64. (p/n 319000-01
CBM 60110 Commodore 64 CP/M Cartridge. US model?
CBM 606480 Commodore 64 CP/M Cartridge. German model?
CD 1200 Black external infrared controller for CDTV.
CD 1221 Black version of A4000 Keyboard. CDTV dedicated, not I/R.
CD 1300 Genlock card for CDTV (NTSC)
CD 1301 Genlock card for CDTV (PAL)
CD 1321 SCART card for CDTV
CSA 58A-601 Thermostat manufactured for Johnson Controls.
Sound Expander CBM SFX FM Sound Expander: uses FM DSS IC in Yamaha DX7
Sound Sampler CBM SFX Sound Sampler
x375 Commodore Scanner
VIC 1011A RS-232 Interface, Outputted True RS-232 Voltages
VIC 1011B RS-232 20mA Current Loop.
VIC 1020 Expansion Chassis for VIC
VIC 1112 IEEE-488 Interface.
VIC 1214 VIC Voice Synthesizer.
VIC 4011 VIC-REL (Rele') Remote control switch
VIC 4012 Vic-Switch.  Allow 16 VICs to share drives and printers.
VIC 1010 VIC-20 Expansion Module
VM115 Softback Books (VIC Revealed, VIC Games, VIC Graphics,
Stimulating Situations for the VIC)