Diskette Software Series:
C64101 Commodore 64 Assembler Development System
C64106 PILOT Programming Language (Large Book)
C64207 Easy Script 64 (book, disks, and cardboard case
C64220 General Ledger v1.0
C64221 Account's Receivable
C64222 Account's Payable
C64223 Payroll v1.0
C64625 Infocom Zork I (marketed under CBM name) 
C64626 Infocom Zork II (marketed under CBM name)
C64628 Infocom Deadline (marketed under CBM name)
C64629 Infocom Starcross (marketed under CBM name)
C64711 Math III
Introduction to Advanced BASIC Commands and Concepts
Model 1541 Test/Demo Diskette
Commodore 64 Screen Editor