CBM-64 Series: 40*25 screen, 64kB RAM, BASIC 2.0, one piece, TV ouput.
Called VIC-64 in Sweden.
Off-white VIC case (O), Brown Breadbox case (B),
Cream Breadbox case (C) Flat top keys with Square type font on keycaps (S), Indent top keys with somewhat square font and thin letters for RESTORE/CLR/HOME/INST... (I), or Indent top keys with rounded type font (R). Black/Silver Decals (L), or Brown/Color Decals (H). 5 pin video connector (5), or 8 pin video connector (8)
CBM 64 1 SO
CBM 64 2 SBH8
CBM 64 3 RBH8
CBM 64 4 RCH8 (Referred to as a C64G)
CBM 64 5 RB5L
CBM 64 (JP) Chiclet Keyboard sold in Japan.
Jubilee 64 64 in Golden case, announcing 1,000,000 units (160 units)
SX-64 Portable 64 With 5" Color Screen, One 1541 Built-in.
CBM-64C Cream Sloping Case, Cream Keys, GFX on front of keys
CBM-64C Cream Sloping Case, Cream Keys, GFX on top of keys.
Educator 64-1 64 Rev1 Kernal without monitor in 64 case.
Educator 64-2 64 Rev1 Kernal, green monitor, PET case.
PET64 CBM 4064 (Educator 64-2)
(Color) MAX 64 with 16kB, no Keyboard, just Exp. Port and Video Out.
Unimax MAX Machine.
Ultimax MAX Machine.
CBM VC-10 C-64 with stripped down Basic 2.0, 2.5kB RAM, Ultimax
CBM C64GS Game Console, GS = Game System. 64 with no keyboard.