Amiga Series: 680X0 processor, Off White Case
A500 One piece, 68000, Off-White, 880K 3.5" Floppy
A500+ A500 + 2MB Agnus, 1MB Chip Ram Expandable to 2 MB
A600 One piece, 68000, White,ECS Chips,PCMCIA Slot,880K Floppy.
A600HD A600 with 40 MB HD.
A1000 Detached Keyboard, 68000, Cream, 256kB, 880K Floppy.
A1000-1 Detached older style keyboard, 68000, no daughterboard
A1000-2 Has both daughter and motherboards
A1200 White, 68EC020, PCMCIA slot,AGA graphics, one piece.
A1200HD/40 A1200 with 40 MB HD.
A1500 UK released A2000 with two drives
A2000A detached keyboard, slots, 68000, .5 MB on board, .5 MB on card in processor slot, German design
A2000B US design, 1 MB on motherboard, CPU slot free
A2000HD A2000 with installed 50 MB SCSI hard disk.
A2500/20 A2000 with A2620(68020,68881,68851 @14.3MHz) processor card.
A2500/30 A2000 with A2630(68030,68882 @25 MHz) processor card.
A2500UX A2500 with UNIX and TapeDrive
A3000/16 ECS graphics, 68030 and 68881 @ 16 MHz, SCSI hard drive
A3000/25 ECS graphics, 68030 and 68882 @ 25 MHz, SCSI hard drive
A3000T Tower Case with more slots.
A3000T/40 Tower Case with more slots and 68040
A3000UXA A3000 with ATT Unix V.4, 5MB RAM, 100MB HD.
A3000UXB A3000 with ATT Unix V.4, 10MB RAM, 200MB HD.
A4000/030 AGA graphics, 68EC030, IDE HD, 1.76 MB Floppy, no MMU.
A4000/040 White, AGA graphics, 68040, IDE HD, 1.76 MB Floppy.
A4000T Tower Case with More Slots.
Amiga CD32 Based on A1200, double speed CD-ROM, no keyboard. (Game Console)
CDTV Black case, based on A500+ with CD-ROM, no keyboard, Remote.